advanced online courses

confident conversation online course

Following your completion of the school's signature online programme, the Lady's British Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course, you will now possess a solid foundation of the dos and don'ts of British conversation, and are now ready to take your skills to a deeper level.

This online course is the most popular of the advanced programmes as it ensures you never again experience social anxiety resulting in a mental freeze or, on the other end of the spectrum, a rambling stream of chit-chat in an attempt to overcome nerves.

Emma will coach you, firstly, through the process of understanding your blockages, and it will equip you with valuable skills on how to overcome them. Secondly, you will learn the nine enneagram types of personalities, the knowledge of which will empower you to control and direct any conversation, regardless of how tricky the person may be. No longer will your feathers be ruffled!

From the passive-aggressive to the people-pleasers, and of course, the one-uppers, and the arguers, you will learn how to maintain your boundaries whilst remaining elegant and graceful in your manner. But beware, you may recognise some of these traits in yourself! Nevertheless, knowing what triggers us is part of the journey to being confident in all our interactions.

You will also learn how to diplomatically deliver an objective opinion on trigger-inducing topics, such as the global pandemic vaccination programme, Brexit, climate change, and the drive for the legalisation of non-binary gender identity, while respecting others' views.

Finally, you will then learn how to prepare for an important event, control and lead a conversation, and finally, deliver a confident exchange for one-on-one and group scenarios.

lady's business etiquette online course

Following your completion of the school's signature online programme, the Lady's British Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course, you will already have a strong foundation of interpersonal skills to carry you through many business situations.

Now you have the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge that will enable you to understand the key differences between social and business interactions while taking your skills to an even deeper level.

Having twenty years of experience in the corporate world with people from many nationalities, Emma's cross-cultural business knowledge offers you empowering corporate credentials, ensuring you feel confident for any stage of your career. Not one to shy away from hot topics, Emma will coach you through the often challenging situations of handling conflict and sexism and address whether there is still a place for chivalry in the workplace.

She will also guide you through building good relationships with your peers and how to conduct oneself at business/social events whilst portraying a consistent persona across all areas of one's life.

Sartorial choices also play a big part in establishing a woman's business image. Corporate dress codes will be covered in detail, along with accessories and props that are worth the investment.

Upon completing this course and the signature programme, you will have acquired a vast repertoire of interpersonal skills that will stand you in good stead across all areas of your life.

international etiquette online course

Following your completion of the school's signature online programme, the Lady's British Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course, you will now possess a solid foundation of British social graces, and you will be offered the opportunity to take your knowledge to an international level.

As the world opens up post-pandemic, the opportunities to interact with others from differing cultures will become the norm again. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it is prudent and respectful to research the customs and traditions before you visit.

The biggest challenge we face nowadays is that many major cities are multi-cultural; the number of actual natives can be significantly diluted, meaning that you may not always see the rules being honoured.

As with most etiquette, it is beneficial to be educated to choose which rules to follow and adapt them to the situation you find yourself in, ensuring you do not unintentionally commit a faux pas. The saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ is the general rule of thumb, meaning you should adapt to the rules of the country you are visiting.

However, when receiving foreign guests to the UK, it is also considerate to show you have a basic understanding of their home country customs and do not force them to do something against their religion or make them feel uncomfortable.

Emma has carried out extensive research on this topic, and the content is taken predominantly from diplomatic guidelines.

in-person events

ladies' luncheons

One of the most popular Alumni Society events is the Ladies' Lunches. These events offer the opportunity to meet other like-minded ladies of The Alumni Society and Emma for elegant lunches at quintessentially British venues such as The Ritz Hotel and The Wolseley.

Here, you can put your conversation skills and dining etiquette into practice while socialising with like-minded ladies. Emma will guide you, correct you when necessary and answer all of your questions.

british afternoon tea

Is there anything more quintessentially British than Afternoon Tea? It is an experience not to be missed, with pretty chinaware and gleaming silver tea services and the resident pianist playing the soundtrack to accompany it all.

Always with an elegant dress code, our Alumni Society members adore these afternoons of indulgence and relaxation.

They present an opportunity to escape into old-world elegance and charm!

live ballet & opera performances

Always an incredible evening, our Alumni Society Ballet and Opera events at The Royal Opera House in London sell out very quickly.

We begin our evening with an exquisite three-course meal in The Crush Room, followed by the best seats in the auditorium, ready to be transported into a world of sheer beauty.

These occasions present the chance for ladies to attend performances in which their spouse, or current circle of friends, have no interest and dress in a formal and elegant manner.

annual black tie gala dinner

The Alumni Society's Annual Black Tie Gala Dinner in December is a memorable conclusion to the year.

Held within the private dining room at one of London's five-star hotels, it provides a rare opportunity to dress in Black Tie and enjoy a delicious meal.

This event is a beautiful, festive celebration of the year, where Emma delivers a complete dining etiquette tutorial, followed by a live Q&A.