From a Shrinking Violet…to the Hostess with the Mostest


Last year, I received a telephone call from a lady interested in joining my online signature programme, the Ladies’ British Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course.

Sahana explained she had a momentous occasion coming up, and she wanted to host a party, but she felt she didn’t have the confidence to be a good hostess or even enjoy the event.

She had moved from India to the UK five years ago when she married an English man. She had a successful career in banking and was comfortable spending time with close friends but became overwhelmed when in the company of bigger groups of people.

However, she did not want this occasion to go unmarked, so she joined The Online Etiquette Academy, hoping it would give her some skills to help with these insecurities

She was nervous about joining the group video coaching calls class where she did not know anyone. As is usual, the other ladies from many different countries were incredibly friendly, and she relaxed within a few minutes of the call beginning.

A few weeks ago, I received a beautiful email from her, stating she had hosted her party, and it was one of the best birthdays she had experienced. This was because she had practiced and honed her skills following the course, and this is so important. Whilst I can coach my clients through the process, it is up to them to put it into practice and put the work in, which she did.

The highlights of the event for Sahana were as follows:

  • Selecting and serving the suitable aperitif to ensure her guests’ taste buds were stimulated in anticipation of the meal ahead.
  • Allowing her guests plenty of time to mingle and chat with each other before being seated for dinner; Sahana did a great job introducing guests to one another so that the conversation flowed.
  • Preparation with the seating plans, ensuring her guests were sitting with those with whom they shared common interests.

And the best part? She told me that throughout the whole event, she felt poised, confident, and elegant, the best version of herself! I am so very proud of Sahana and what she has achieved.

I coach my students on various topics through The Online Etiquette Academy, which includes my signature online programme, the Lady’s British Social Etiquette & Empowerment Course.

These include subjects such as how to introduce people correctly, how to work the room, and everything they need to be a fantastic host.

Important areas are also covered such as issuing appropriately styled invitations to complement the event’s tone, menu planning, and of course, how to subtly ask your guests to leave when the evening is coming to an end!

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*Names and images have been changed to protect my client’s privacy.