Organised Diary Planning | Is yours letting you down?

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Organised Diary Planning | Is YOURS letting you down?

Organised Diary planning is an essential element of being a successful woman, and so many of my clients are on a quest to find the holy grail of elegance. They buy nice clothes, learn how to walk correctly, and dine with confidence, but achieving these changes doesn’t mean their efforts can’t be ruined. And unfortunately, it could be merely down to their lack of organisation!

Why do we self-sabotage?

Our brains are complex, and, unfortunately, sometimes they like to work against change, preferring to keep us where we are, which can be perceived as ‘safer.’

And so, without careful planning, we can find ourselves behaving in ways that are more in line with our old self rather than the new, refined version.

Did you know that one of the most common personality traits which ruin an elegant persona is…RUSHING!

So, how can organised diary planning help you?

I have one word for you, which describes the single action that I have built into my life to counteract these self-sabotaging tendencies:

And that word is…


The definition of the word ‘buffer’ is:

 ‘A person or thing that reduces a shock or that forms a barrier between incompatible or antagonistic people or things.’

In this context, I am describing the action of leaving a buffer between everything in our schedule; if you do not ensure you have an organised diary, it will control you.

What happens when we don’t have an organised diary?

Sadly the effect of someone who doesn’t have an organised diary is someone who is always rushing around, with stressed and anxious energy. I see ladies like this regularly in London, carrying a beautiful designer bag but stuffing a sandwich in her mouth while speaking on the phone or travelling on the tube. Ugh!

Frankly, she is too busy to think about anything other than how late she is on her schedule.

In contrast, visualise a composed lady; she has allowed plenty of time to travel to her following location. She has taken time to nutrition herself properly to be full of energy and vitality and has prepared well for the meeting or event.

Does she achieve less than the ‘rushing’ lady? Of course not! She is efficient, has an organised diary, and has enough mental space to focus on the day’s essential tasks.

When travelling around London, I always allow 30% more time than is necessary; in a capital city, anything can go wrong on public transport. It’s certainly not fair for me to put undue pressure on a taxi driver because I couldn’t effectively organise my diary.

I am early for appointments most of the time, but that’s no problem; I can catch up on emails while I am waiting or, even better, enjoy a cup of tea in a pavement cafe and people watch!

Try it and see how differently you feel and, in particular, how much more elegant and poised!


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