Wearing Perfume at Work | Is it Good Etiquette?

wearing perfume at work

Wearing perfume at work; is it good etiquette?

Wearing perfume at work; Is it good etiquette?

This week’s ‘Ask Emma’ question is from a lady who would like to know if it is acceptable wearing perfume at work.

So, yes, it is fine to wear a fragrance in a business environment, but some key points should be honoured:

1. Choose a light scent and save more decadent fragrances for evenings out.

​ 2. Alternate your choice of perfume so that you don’t become immune to it, which can result in applying too much.

​3. Ask a close friend to tell you honestly if they can smell your fragrance. If they confirm they could smell you before they saw you then take the hint!

​4. Never use fragrance to cover up poor hygiene!